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Will someone tell me which chip is better and why it's better thank you. Every detail would be appreciated.
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  1. LOL! The Intel Core i7-3770K is better than every AMD CPU out there. No details needed. It is just better. I don't know why your comparing an $110 chip to and $330 one.

    If anything, that should be the AMD CPU you compare that Intel to. It stills loses.... but at least it is on the same planet.
  2. i wouldnt go i7 unless u are video editing and dont get bulldozer they are crap
  3. Any reason on why you are asking this? I'm getting the feeling of a troll here.
  4. Wont lie, but that is a terrible comparison! You got processors of different classes. I mean at the least compare it to the FX-8350, but the FX-4100.... :lol:
  5. Give more details about u r question.ex what is u r use like video editing or gamer etc...
    Otherwise dont ask questions like ____ vs ___. reason:These are the only 2 companys making good processors.
  6. Are you serious?

    Of course the 3770K is better. Why wouldn't it be? It's supposed to be.

    The 3770K destroys the 4100 in every conceivable aspect, but is that really a surprise? It's not at all supposed to compete against the 3770K.

    The 4100's main competition is the i3 2100, and it's not really any competition for that.
  7. haahahhaha i know it blows it outta the water my bro in law just got this new gaming pc with that amd chip n thinks its better than that intel he wudnt listen to me so i had to get on here to prove it ty guys
  8. OBVIOUSLY i7! Are you ok mrjones15?
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