A10 5800k or i3 3225

this is for my first build

mobo : GA-B75M-D3H or asus F2A55-M-LK-PLUS
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  1. What do you want to do on it?

    I ended up with a A10 5700 as an HTPC (occasional light gaming HL2, and other old stuff).

    If you don't want to game, then I would go Intel as the i3 is a more efficient processor.
    If you want to Game, go Intel and a dedicated GPU.

    FM2 does not make sense for game-centric computing.

    My build was

    A10 5700
    8GB 1866 DDR3.
    5TB Hdd space.

    Its an odd product, but does just what I want from it.
  2. gaming,not looking in to igp
    going for a 650 ti gpu
  3. dhruv_47 said:
    gaming,not looking in to igp
    going for a 650 ti gpu

    In that case grab the i3
  4. ok but a10 has better clockspeed and more cores
  5. Go for the i3.

    There is more to Performance than Clock and cores.
  6. just go for the fx series if you're getting a graphics card and want to save money
  7. dhruv_47 said:
    ok but a10 has better clockspeed and more cores

    Doesn't matter, the i3 is a lot faster even with its lower clock speed and lesser amount of cores, the architecture is much more efficient and faster. Not to mention they had to use a lot of internal space and heat to get a gpu that good (comparatively speaking, igp to igp) on the A10.


    The A10 is more of an HTPC cpu (technically APU...) or for people who never intend on adding on gpu
  8. Case closed. Good Reply. :)
  9. i think i will go with i3 3225
    thanks for the help
  10. no ... just go with i3 3220 if you getting a discrete graphics card !!
  11. or maybe i will go with the new i3 3240,better clockspeed
  12. higher clock speed doesn't mean higher frame rate in gaming.... i3 3240 is currently $150 .. why dont u put another $30 and go with i5 3470 ? it can out perform all the AMD flagship cpus and even 2500k(stock speeds)

    u wont see much performance increase with i3 3240 comparing with 3220... just go with i3 3220 or i5 3470... otherwise you are just wasting your money...... just my 2cents
  13. how does i5 3550 compare to i5 3470
  14. look at this video what you can actually do if you instead get the i5 3570k
  15. not much.. i5 3550 clocked 100mhz higher @ 3.3 GHz
  16. i am thinking of a ga b75 d3h to pair it with,good pair?
  17. u mean i5 3470 or 3550 ? GA-B75M-D3H motherboard looks ok to me ...
  18. i5 3550
  19. Are you planning to buy it from Newegg ? i5 3470 currently $180 on Amazon....and i5 3550 is $210 ... I suggest you save that $30 and get HD7850 instead of 650ti....
  20. no,i am from India gonna buy it from flipkart and i don't think
    newegg ships to india and the psu i selected is corsair builder
    series 430w and HD7850 requires a 500w psu,i think.
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