Staticy sound and video lag while browsing the internet

Hi, I started having a problem a few weeks ago with my sound getting staticy (or like electric sounding) while browsing the internet and my video lags to a stop for a second or two. I am using an X-FI Titanium sound card in my Alienware Aurora ALX. I thought it may be a corrupted flash player so I deleted and re-installed, with no luck. If I am just playing a game like WoW or Diablo without an internet browser open I don't have any issues, but when I open a browser the problem starts. It not only affects my browser but also causes video lag in my game. I had a GTX 480 when the problem started and thought it may be due to excessive heat because that card generates a ton of heat. Last week I got a GTX 670, my temps are like 20-25 C cooler, but still have the problem. Thanks, for any help
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  1. Statically sound should be bad driver/codec ??

    Reload driver for X-FI Titanium (nice card). Look for conflicts in device mgr. Download whatever Browser you don't have (chrome, IE, firefox) and see if the symptoms change when you look at the same page in a different browser. Turn off most of your drowser add-ons (add blockers, etc.) and see if that cleans it up. Good luck. Nice system and card. Enjoy the 670.
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