Electronic repair of video graphic card

:hello: My graphics card Gigabyte GV-NX85T512HP (8500GT) has failed ,no video,black screen.Tried everything but the same thing.Any suggestion?Thank you.
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  1. Have you checked the connections, another monitor, another card to isolate the problem? If you've really tried everything and nothing's worked then you might consider the "oven trick"?
  2. Thank you for reply.My mainboard & monitor are ok cause i tried another graphic card it works fine...Connection checked,another monitor ... but :non: Done the last thing ''oven trick'' but card gives no signs of life.I checked MOSFETs and all caps inc. diode and everythings ok.
  3. Did it just stop working? Was it overclocked or anything? I guess your only option then is to use integrated graphics if you have it or buy a new card? One with similar/better performance are pretty cheap these days.
  4. Yes.No overclock or anything else.Maybe is really gpu dead....I have already purchased one GeForce GTX 460 1GB and it works very good.
  5. Quite an improvement from the 8500GT at least! =D
  6. Try contacting gigabyte and see if they would replace it

    EVGA sure would hehehe XD
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