Save money for gtx 690 or 685, or buy gtx 670 SC now?

I just heard news about gtx 685 which has more power than gtx 680.I have all parts of my build but havent decided about GPU.I wanna play all games maxed out on 1366x768.So, wait for 690 or 685, or buy gtx 670 4gb?
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  1. I may get a 1080p monitor in a few months.
  2. Go for a gtx 770, pretty much the same gpu as the 680, 100 bucks or so less expensive. Would be able to play almost any game on ultra with a single monitor(Assuming your cpu is appropriate)
  3. Mother of thread necromancy...
  4. apower101 said:
    Mother of thread necromancy...

    Ha, I'm a noob and didnt even look at the date when I answered. My apologies.
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