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I was asked to setup a system for a FTP server for a handful of people and had a couple quick questions.

I know it does not take much computer power to handle a small FTP server and was thinking about just going with a low to mid range desktop from dell. The only issue is that in doing so I would be limited to getting Windows 7 rather than server 2008 (unless I purchased separately) and I would only be able to get raid 1 rather then a raid 5 going.

My question is, is there any real downsides by going this route with windows 7 rather than going with a dell server with a server 2008 OS? I'm trying to get him the best functionality for the money and was curious whether going this route was a bad idea?

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  1. I would honestly have to say that Windows Server for a small FTP server (I'm assuming sub-100 concurrent connections) would be serious overkill. However, if Windows 7 can't cut it, you've always got the option of Linux which should be able to handle it in stride.
  2. I'm looking at about 12 ish connections at once max.. I was told him and possibly 6-10 other people would be using it at random times.

    What would be limiting me with windows 7? I plan on just using Filezilla for the FTP server / client.. Would putting the server software on windows 7 limit it any way with so few people using it?
  3. Using Linux would be more suitable (and less expensive) for the FTP server desired. It would definitely handle multiple users being connected to the server at the same time better than Win 7.

    An older Dell with 4GB of memory and sufficient storage for the amount of data you want to store with Ubuntu Server will perform quite nicely.

    Good luck!
  4. With the number of people you will have connected, you're fine. If this is going to be a dedicated FTP server machine, then don't spend money on even a mid-range system. Do not go above the lowest of the low end. A Raspberry Pi system could probably handle that kind of load in stride. Maybe go dumpster diving on ebay or craigslist, look for someone who has an old Pentium 4 running XP that they're willing to part with on the cheap.
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