Pick me a mid range graphics card please

hey guys got a new ivy bridge rig 3570k pretty decent just need a gpu for bf3/skyrim etc ive been looking at the AMD 7950 atm.
I could spend £250 but dont really want to spend that much, shud i wait for the GTX 660 to balance the price on the gpu market?

cheers guys
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  1. You can wait for the GTX 660. It will further make prices changes as you said. For a mid-range card you can look into a 7850 OC or GTX 570. Both are great cards, if you want to lower your budget a 6870 2GB or 560 ti (448-core version).
  2. nobody knows when the 660 is coming out so it might be a while.

    For under 250pounds you can get the 560ti or the 6870.
  3. Thanks for the help guys, is it just me or are graphics card prices atm an absolute rip off?
  4. If you are looking for the most bang for your buck, I would go with HD 6870 for like $120 at scan.co.uk or the HD 6950 for $160 on scan.co.uk. The 560 Ti is great but the 6950 is cheaper and has more performance I think. Now you can wait but who knows when the gtx 660 is coming out. It could be June 25th or some time in August. If you do want to max out your budget then definitely pick up the HD 7870. New cards just came out, so the new ones may seem a bit of a rip off, but the previous generation cards are at some cheap good prices.
  5. im wanting to play bf3 max on 2048x1152 the previous gen cards dont seem to be up to that, and the bench marks ive see for the cards vary so much the 7870 seems to be just as fast as the 7950.
  6. hbriggs said:
    Thanks for the help guys, is it just me or are graphics card prices atm an absolute rip off?

    In a word, yes. The graphics card market is a little bit cluster*ucked right now because Nvidia has shortages of their Kepler GPU's and AMD is capitalizing on this by overcharging for their offerings.

    If you want to add to this mix then consider the question of what the nextgen consoles may bring to us. (Speculation forthcoming) I think that Microsoft and Sony will introduce their nextgen consoles next year that will have a big improvements on graphics. What that boils down to is PC gamers may need to bump up their rigs specs to handle this or be left behind. We always have to have multiple-times the power of a console to overcome the poor porting from the console developers.

    My plan is to buy a GTX 680 in a few months when the drivers get sorted out. I prefer a single GPU solution. If I have to, I will later sell the 680 and go for the true Kepler Flagship when it rolls out next year.
  7. Quote:

    Recon is right, those three cards are ideal. I'm pretty sure the newer gen cards handle the higher resolutions on the newer games a little better. The 6950 and 7850 are pretty evenly matched but the 6950 is cheaper. It also consumes more power though. Make sure you get a 2GB version for that high resolution.


    lol recon I seem to be following you around lately.
  8. Quote:
    2GB is not needed for that res... not even close.

    Well I still recommend the 2GB 6950 over the 1GB!
  9. so wait for the 660 to either get it or get a different card when the 660 brings the prices down?
  10. It's entirely up to you. Prices will surely go down, in the next couple months because some newer cards are coming in. If you have the itch to play now, you have great selections that all of us have given you. Or be patient.
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