Whats the most likely problem ? CPU or mobo

so my CPU (fx-8120) wont OC past 4.0ghz stable and ive tried for so long and so many methods to even bother anymore.

So, is it possible, that i cant go past 4.0 because my mobo doesent have LLC or just cant deliver enough power? Is it because i just have a bad (unlucky) chip or is it because my PSU (corsair gs600) is only 600w ?

Im planning on buying a 500R case instead of my bitfenix merc beta (more airflow, better cooling), 7970 instead of my 560 and a 8350 over my 8120.

Any ideas on whats the most likely problem ? Mobo or CPU
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  1. I'm not familiar with that cpu, but my first logical thought would be the motherboard's bios is the limiting factor. Have you checked for a bios update?
  2. Well what board do you have?

    Overclocking is determined by a lot of things, board, cooling, voltage and even the CPU itself as you mentioned. 4GHz might be the peak for that chip.
  3. I got a 990fxa-ud3, ive tried overclocking with almost every bios update (f4, f6, f8 and currently f9)
    since a mobo is rev 1.0 the mobo doesent have LLC.
    I can get 4.0ghz at 1.35V and thats it. Ive read so many guides and tried so much stuff that I just want to upgrade. Getting a case for sure for better airflow and OC.

    Now im still wondering if its the mobo or cpu thats holding my cpu back. Cause if i get fx-8350 and that can only go up to 4.0 aswell then it would be rather bad.
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