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So I put together a new build and am having an issue with my graphics card (XFX 7950 GHOST). I installed windows 7 and after installing 12.6 drivers I get amd display drivers have stopped responding constantly. I returned my motherboard due to a couple of dead dimm slots and am hoping this may resolve the issue (maybe there were other issues in the board the caused my graphics card to malfunction). I am reinstalling my motherboard today and if the problem persists I am going to return the graphics card. My question is there anything else that could have caused this error? Also I know its not my psu because its a corsair 850 watt silver series and should be able to handle my build.

Motherboard: Asus P9X79 Pro
CPU: i7 3820
PSU: Corsair Professional 850 Watt
GPU: XFX 7950

Here is a link to the gpu I bought.
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  1. Try installing the 12.7 drivers, see if that helps.
  2. Those were the first drivers I installed and they actually worked correctly until I installed the second stick of 4gb ram. Do you think this issue originated with the faulty ram dimms.
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    Faulty MoBo or RAM. Try using iGPU graphics as well
  4. mobo dimm slots
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