AMD 7850 blue screens

Alright, so I built my first pc around a week ago. I was fine for the first two or three days, then my screen started flickering. I got a message that said "display driver has stopped working then recovered." or something along those lines. I then bluescreened. It started happening more frequently as of late. I updated my drivers all the way, and I am almost positive it has nothing to do with my temps. My CPU runs at a constant 30 dgrees celcius, and I have 3 case fans even if my GPU fans are'nt going all the way. What is wierd though is that it does not happen while I am gaming. All the times it has happened was while I was doing random internet browsing. I am thinking of just trying to download an older driver and hope that works. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. In this case and if it happens frequently, it could mean a bad card. You should RMA it.
  2. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the graphics drivers, sometimes that will fix it. Using an older update could also fix it.

    If neither of those work RMA it.
  3. try reseating the card and driver sweep the drivers and try a different driver version.
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