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Hi, I have the cooler master s524 for my cpu cooler and a side panel fan. the side panel fan is slightly close to the cpu cooler.

So in this case, the side panel 120mm fan directly blows in air to the cpu cooler which also has its own 120mm fan. Will they have a conflict working together?

Will the side panel fan give problem to the s524 cooling down the cpu? the fan of the s524 sucks in air to the heatsink right?

so im just wondering. ^_^

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  1. I do not see a problem and normally the heatsink fan blows air through the cooler. Should have plenty of fresh cool air to work with from the side panel fan.
  2. thanks, hhmm im planning to purchase the corsair h100 water cooler. Do you think it will give an improvement on temperatures even if it is in stock.

    or it will just be the same with the coolermaster s524 which is idling at 34-40c and 50-55c at full load.
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    It will cool better maybe a few degrees but your temps are well within the operation temps for the CPU
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