BEST Graphics card to run Diablo 3 in?

Okay so I am planning to upgrade my gpu and the only game I plan on playing is Diablo 3.
I want to run the game on High or Max on a 1920x1080 Resolution!
Please recommend me a good gpu that can do this!
Looking for an ATI one.


Processor: AMD Athlon II X4 645, Quad Core ~ 3.1GHz
Seasonic M12II 620 Watt

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  1. 1. 7970
  2. budget?

    Overall I recommend this card for medium-high end users within a reasonable budget. it should destroy D3
  3. I need to be able to purchase it on Amazon as I have the money on there.

    The budget is between 100-175.

    Looking between the 6700s-6900s series.
  4. Tom's has done a set of D3 benchmarks,3195-5.html

    as you can see, the 6870 is enough to max it out and keep above 60fps :)

    actually, you can max it out with just the 6850, so if you want to save $10, I would buy this one
  5. +1 to the 6870.
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