Has anyone given any thought to building an A10 (FM2 based) workstation for animation or graphics creation?

Would Trinity compete with a 2011 socket Intell in a server environment? I have seen some data that may back this up but I am looking at building a dedicated worstation and that is not a "server" persey. Gaming performance and single thread apps would not be an issue in this application, I would only need raw pixel power, if you will, and an FM2 backbone would half the cost of the box.

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  1. FM2 is a good socket with a lot of potential in the future. but right now if you are looking for something to perform as a workstation as in, CAD, graphic design, etc. for none server based CPU's you will be better off with intel, even their 1155 socket, which also does have a line of xeon chips for the socket, just pop it on a workstation board and there you go, a consumer workstation at a reasonable price.
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