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Ive been searching for rubber grommets for my CM 932 adv case.... Looks like CM themselves no longer makes it but i heard 800d case fron cosair rubber grommets fit 932.... Is this true? Or do i have to modify it to fit it.... Or better yet, if someone knows a web site where they have custom made ones for 932 it would be great xD
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  1. As you said above 800d grommets will fit and I found this link by googling your case
  2. The link there is for 690 so is that the same one as 932 or am i better off with 800d grommets
  3. The CM rep told me they do not have grommets for 932 and 690 will not fit so only option i have left is 800d grommet so can anyone tell me the 800d grommet will be a snuggle fit or would i have to make some adjustments
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