Dual quadro 600

hellow i just bought quadro 600,

im planing to use dual LCD, i know quadro 600 only have 1 output hdmi/dvi

my question is if i use dual card quadro 600 / 2 pieces quadro card 600 and connected em seperated into each LCD is goin to be work multi display?

can i use diffrent series quadro and connected em into each LCD?

im not asking about SLI feature becuz my motherboard does not support it.

thnx u
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  1. yes it will work even if you put in a different card in. Depending on what you are doing with the computer, you might just want to buy a new graphics card that supports more than 1 display.
  2. yeah i forgot to check wiki quadro list output while im buying it , i thought its support 2 output from 1 card for 2 display LCD , i already got Q600 , thats why im asking puting second Q600...im worried my screen will not expand while using 2 pieces monitor. becuz if it not work it mean it will project same layout or i cannot separate two diffrent aplication on each LCD. thnx u
  3. i use p8h67-V asus motherboard. i ask the shop it will not work. Do u have any advice? thnx u
  4. Q600 supports 2 displays. You will just need to get an adapter to convert the display port to whatever connection type you use with your monitors. Much much cheaper then a second video card.
  5. It also supports mosaic tech, which will run 8 displays, though I am not familiar with what that is.


    One of many options for adapting the display port.
  6. i think i got a packet inside box card with that converter display port cables...ok thnx lots guys for your advices :) for me a newbie :D
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