Dying Video card or PSU?

hello there. I recently upgraded my mobo/ram/cpu and all was well for about a week.
intel i3 2100
4gb(2x2gb) Gskill ram
gigabyte GA-B75M-D3V mobo
1TB WD Green HD
XFX 9800GTX*
Ultra(Ultra ULT31851) 550W PSU**

*Video card given to me by friend last christmas worked like a champ even in a crappier system setup*

**PSU is going on 6 Years old :/ **

I know I dont have the greatest system but it does what I want to do just fine(not a max settings type of guy) No overclocking either.

The first sign of an issue was playing diablo 3 it started glitching out, textures were all of out wack in game or in menus. Eventually this continued beyond the game and the whole computer itself.

Being in Hawaii heat is the first thing that pops into mind but I was able to rule that out quickly. CPU rarely gets to 40C, GPU sometimes hits 50~52C in stress tests. All ram tests are clear.

At first I was able to just restart and go about my business played some counter strike 1.6 without any issues but soon as i touched diablo 3 it and my computer went to hell. Having to safe mode boot and driver sweep Nvidia. Everything works either in safe mode OR without any Nvidia drivers installed. If I install any of those it may work for an indeterminable amount of time. the latest 301.42 Usually crashed at the welcome screen. 285.58 seems to work the longest but even then sometimes I'd only get to see my desktop with alot of "redrawing"? issues i think thats the name, also lots of flickers and eventually its like an old VHS tape thats off its track(if anyone remembers those days lol) and sometimes it sits there and i have to force shut down or I get BSOD. The only BSOD ive seen is the nv4_disp.dll even though there may have been another before I changed it to stay on so I could read it.

As of now I'm using the integrated video on the motherboard that I did disable at first to try and rule out conflicts there. Everything is fine now. I can only deduce that its the hand me down video card or the old PSU because those are the only older things in my computer now and Ive tested my newer things as best I can. Strange to me since it all worked for a week just fine even diablo 3 and anything else.

I'm not an expert but know a little more than you're average user, however I'm stumped. considering the baking method on the video card lol any help is appreciated thanks.
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  1. Well, plug the card back into your friend's comp and see if the issue still persists.

    I'd advise a new PSU because of newer and updated specifications.
  2. ah sorry I should mention I have no other computers to test on. The card came from a friend in california. If I were there I'd have plenty to test on. Right now my money supply really only allows me a new PSU or new video card I'd just like to make sure I pick the right one
  3. Your at a disadvantage here. Because, both components are old. So, it will be hard if you can't test the card.
  4. How did you stress test your system? What programs did you use?

    I'd advise using three threads of Prime 95 and the latest version of FurMark
  5. Ive ran Prime 95 without any errors. I have not used Furmark before I'm guessing it requires drivers to be installed which wouldn't work out in my case. While it did work I did the a GPU stress with AIDA64 mostly to test temperature.
  6. If the card is running fine with no errors, then you should consider getting a new PSU.
  7. I cant tell if the card is running with no errors. I only ran Prime95 after the card was out but thats not for GPU stress right? Unless you mean the AIDA64 GPU stress I did before and had no issue then yea it might be PSU... If I go for a PSU which would you recommend thats under 100$ if possible
  8. If you are planning to go with a new PSU. Also, trying to save you cost :)

    SeaSonic 520W ($59.99)

    Antec 520W ($59.99)
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