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Power Management System Driver.

Ok So I hopped on my Htpc(older computer) this morning to do some-things, and then I looked at the notification area and saw the action center flag was up. I clicked on it and I am getting an error about "Install your power management system driver" I have had this pc since 2008 never had a problem.

Asus rampage formula x48 mobo
GT-Skill 1066 ram 8GB

So I did a google search and people were saying to rename the intelppm.sys driver so I did, restarted with no action center error, but then I was getting the yellow flag in device manager on my cpu device.

Ran a Cpu diagnostic test that intel provides, in the search of a driver and it passed.

so I renamed the intelppm.sys driver back and restarted action center error is back and this is where I am at. TomsHardware. :D

Any Ideas. on what I should do to get rid of this action center error.. Oh and Its windows7 ultimate 64bit
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    Probably an update knocked out the ACPI, reinstall chipset support drivers.
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