If our cpu gives a sound after shutting down directly

i just shut down mu desktop computer after playing a game an now iam starting it again and it iis not starting and giving a sound like teeeeeeeeeeen and the it nothing displays on the monitor screem
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  1. could be psu if continuous or could be hdd
  2. shanky887614 said:

    It wouldn't be the HDD because the machine doesn't start up at all.

    Op, check the board whether the 'power light' is lit or not. If it IS lit, I strongly doubt it'd be the PSU. Open the PC and try to identify where the noise is coming from. If you can't identify where, the next thing to do would be to run the pc barebones (plug in only mobo, cpu, ram, psu) and see if it fires up. The process of elimination. If it fires up, I'd put my money on a shot GPU. If it doesn't - I'd say you most likely have a shot mobo.
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