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which graphic card should be must for all upcoming game like assassins creed 3,splinter cell blacklist,tombrider reborn :ange:
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  1. Do you have a budget? I can say anything from a 6870 to a 690 from what you're asking.
  2. While I suspect a HD6670 or HD7750 will be capable of playing all of those games, settings and/or resolution will likely be [a lot] lower than you'd like. While I don't think you need to spend $400 or more to get a "decent" experience, with no information about the rest of your system or resolution, I'm going to suggest that you will need to spend $150-$250 to get something decent. That also assumes your PSU is capable of powering the new card. Be sure to list its brand and model (not just wattage) when you provide your system specs and budget.
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