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Computer starts up the shuts its self down again

hi all

This week i built my new computer and when i plugged it in and turned it on it start to boot up but then shuts down (between 3-5 seconds). This is starting to annoy me that much i went though and sent it my CPU back to my suppler and the said it was fine. Is there some thing that i have to do on this first time i boot it up or is there something else?

my computer specs:

motherboard: X79A-GD45 8D
processor: intel core i7 processor
processor fan:freezer i30
ram: vengence 2x8GB DDR3
graphics card:evga geforce gtx 660ti
hard drive: 2TB sea gate barracuda
power supply: powercool 750w

If any one can help me with this problem please post a message and if you have any more question please ask
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  1. Start by going through the guide step by step
    If that does not yield any results going with the bread boarding (link in guide) might help find the culprit.
  2. tryed them and its still not work now i dont no what to try
  3. Maybe bad PSU, brand is not known for quality.
  4. replaced it already from another psu
  5. Well if you followed all the steps in the guide then the next suspect is the motherboard.
  6. how could i tell?
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    You say the CPU and PSU is known good - the next step would be to try the motherboard as rolli said. Fireup the PC barebones (mobo, ram, cpu, psu). If it goes straight through - it's something else. If it still continues to shutdown - it'd most likely be something on the mobo.
  8. then im sorry to say that its my motherboard
  9. and the fact i wont be able to ship it off until after xmas
  10. Just a longshot, once I had a problem like this right after an upgrade and it seemed that the power button on the chassis would kind of stick on the actual button and cause the PC to shutdown seconds after boot, I opened it again,and I moved something there. Putting it back into the correct place solved it.
  11. it was a peace of dust on the mother board processor pins all it was ffs
  12. ^LOL
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