Connecting ATI Radeon and Dell monitor

I have Dell U2311h monitor which has 1xDVI 1xVGA and 1 Display port.
I used one DVI for PS3.I purchased Sapphire HD 6850 graphic card which has display port output.
I thought of connecting the video card to the display port of the monitor so i get one displayport adapter but it does not work.
My question is if i purchase a Displayport male to displayport male cable will it work out of the box or i need any other adapter.
Please let me know.
Also how will be the quality when using HDMI to VGA will there be any loss or distortion ?
Thank you
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  1. HDMI and DVI produce the same output quality. HDMI just has audio and is more compact.

    Not sure about the display power stuff though.
  2. So can i connect through display port to display port with no issues right?
    Let me know.
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