PC2400 c2 good on K7 Master?

Building my first "from scratch" system, and I'm trying to settle on a memory type/brand. I see there exists PC2400 DDR, and so naturally I think "oooooo...faaaaaaast -- errrrrr..." and start to drool. Will PC2400 run reliably on a MSI K7 Master-S that seems to think it should be equiped with mere 1600 or 2100? Can the fsb on the board be tweaked to 300, past the 200-266 the specs rate it for? Will the PC2400 run well on a 266 bus while I learn more about overclocking?

And what brand is most prefered by ye who would be overclockin' and why?

I read somewhere (probably Corsair's site) that Corsair was refered to as "overclocking RAM": 256meg PC2400 CAS2 out of the box. Comments?
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  1. PC2400=PC150xDDR
    Now you porbably know that PC133 will work in a PC100 system, at the slower PC100 rate. And PC150 will run in a PC133 system at 133, or in a PC100 system at 100. The 100, 133, and 150 are simply the MAXIMUM speed it's garunteeed to work at, NOT a REQUIRED speed.
    The same is true of PC2400, it will run at 2100, 1600. or any other speed necessary up to 2400. So it's better for overclocking. IN fact it's made for it!

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  2. Mushkin and Corsair are the ones that most people go for to get the PC2400, but I would only advise paying the extra cash for that if you are really serious about overclocking. As long as you get good RAM (Crucial) you should be able to overclock it to a certain extent. It might not take you clear to 150 MHz (300 MHz DDR), but you might have other things holding you back before you get there anyway. I would advise the purchase of a very cost effective stick of cl=2.5 PC2100 256 Mb Crucial or two instead of that more expensive PC2400 stuff.

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