Water Cooling inside a CM elite 343

More for fun and curiosity rather than the practical, I was thinking about trying to WC the CPU inside a CM elite 343. I have only seen one other post with someone watercooling inside this case and they put the 120mm rad and fan on the front intake which I don't think is ideal.

The rear exhaust grill on this case only supports 80/90mm fans and it seems that the smallest rad/fan on most WC kits are 120mm. So the alternative to mounting on the front intake is to get a 120 to 90mm conversion bracket and putting the rad on the rear exhaust.

Does anyone do this? and is this idea completely stupid? Flame suit on ((-_-));
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  1. I reckon it'd work - just abit less efficiently than if using the full 120mm of the blades. It would still be better than placing it on the front intake however, as placing it on the front intake heats up the intake air - that isn't anywhere close to ideal. Heat up the rest of the pc, but keep the cpu cool lol

    Give it a shot though, i'd be interested to hear the results.
  2. You could always use a smaller radiator? You don't really lose out too much by buying individual bits rather than a kit.
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