Wait for "Tahiti XT2" HD 7970 GHz Edition?

I am hearing all types of stuff about this new Tahiti XT2 Chip for the upcoming release of the HD 7970 Ghz Edition, basically a HD 7975 coming out soon with a lower voltage and 175 mhz faster stock clock. It is supposed to be out by late June or early July. It is also supposed to be less money!! It may be a reallly good solution.

For me, I have been waiting for the better GTX 680 Classified chips to be released the MSI Lightning GTX 680 or the HD 7970 GHz edition. I am curious about performance.

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  1. Yep, I want to see the prices get slashed :) In the end we are all happy.
  2. Yeah definitely
  3. I doubt prices will come down but only get higher 7970 xt2 will just be outdone by a gtx 685 anyway
  4. gtx 685 isn't coming out until August right?
  5. mf2385 said:
    gtx 685 isn't coming out until August right?

    I have no idea but obviously it is coming out there was no 485 or 585 so we are about due.
  6. My question is what is the next big card coming out soon? Probably the GTX 660's, then 7970 GHz (7975 basically), then the GTX 685 (780)?
  7. What about the Lightning, I know they are good dude, but idk if I want that lol
  8. I mean I just don't know what to get, should I wait for pick up a card, kind of been waiting for the ASUS GTX 670 DirectCU II Top, but idk when it's coming in lmao, by the time it does better *** will be out lmao.
  9. The Lightning HD 7970 is good, and I kind of wanted an MSI Lightning card too lol just don't know what to get for now lmao, or wait haha. I mean I could get an EVGA card and do the Step-Up Process in like 90 days or something.
  10. Problem with the MSI Lightning 7970 is it's as powerful as the GTX 680 overclocked a bit but it's more expensive!
  11. This article puts to words what I have been thinking over the last two months regarding what's next.

  12. Yeah good article, but still I hear the GTX 670 is good and everything but I kind of just want the absolute best man, like idk I won't spend a grand for the GTX 690 but if I'm going to spend over $400 I might as well go the full 9 and get something that is going to be really good for awhile. I'm highly considering getting a GTX 680 while I do have the money and then step up with the EVGA plan.
  13. Agreed that the GTX 670 really made the other high end options look bad, but I personally could never justify spending $400 on something that was so obviously designed to be a mid-low range card.

    7970 GHz edition will be interesting, but we know too little about it to know if it actually matters or not.

    MSI Lightning 7970 is a great card, but it's far too expensive. You have to want it for a reason other than "I just want a nice 7970". It was at $520 for a couple days but it keeps winding up back around the $600 mark and it's not worth anywhere near that much from a value perspective. Even $520 is a stretch for value.
  14. I agree that the MSI Lightning R7970 is a good card but not for almost $600. If it was in the area of where the GTX 670 was in terms of price. i'd on top of that.
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