New PSU, turns on but no video

This is a really common problem, but having read all the other threads, I haven't found a solution. My old PSU stopped working (cheap, crappy brand), so I replaced it with a OCZ ZX Series 1250w PSU. Plugged everything in, but while everything spins up, there is no video. I tried both plugging the HDMI into the on board graphics and my HD 6950, no dice for both of them.

Is it possible that the old PSU took some components down with it when it stopped working?

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Double check your plugs, especially the 8 pin that powers your CPU. Try taking the HDMI off and use a VGA (D-Sub) cable to the onboard and take the 6950 out for starters
  2. i agree with scottie, if theres something lose its possible there may be not full power going to ur card, and yes when a powersupply fails theres a slight chance it kills other components with it.

    but hopefully its not the case and u can get ur 6950 running right.
  3. I made sure the 4 pin connector in my case was in place. I also tried with the VGA but still no luck. I'll put in a POST card I have tomorrow to see what comes up.
  4. alright sounds goood :)
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