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Connecting HDTV as monitor but no HDMI on computer

Hi I wonder if anyone could answer my question about how to connect an HDTV (small 22") to a PC computer which does not have an HDMI slot because it is about 6 years old. The computer does have a couple of USB 2.0 ports on the front it. Can these somehow be configured to the HDMI and how would I go about that?

Many thanks for any information you can give me.
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  1. There are what you could call external video cards that plug into USB, but keep in mind these are barely capable of handling basic desktop tasks, so forget about trying to use them with any gaming beyond a rousing game of Solitaire. You could also potentially get a video card with dual outputs. Given the age of the unit you're probably looking at AGP or PCI for video cards, which limits your options considerably, but some can still be found.
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    Most modern HDTVs have VGA (usually blue). What model TV are we talking about here?

    I'm assuming your computer has VGA output, so your options essentially are (from best to worst imho):
    -DVI to HDMI cable (computer must have dvi, tv must have hdmi)
    -Use a VGA cable
    -VGA to HDMI cable
    -VGA to RCA cable

    -S-Video if your TV and computer have jacks for it
    -VGA to S-Video if your computer has a jack for it

    AFAIK, a USB to Video converter does not exist.
    Your best bets would be either the DVI to HDMI cable, the plain VGA cable or the VGA to HDMI cable.
  3. Ok, thank you both so much for that information. Is this a good DVI to HDMI cable?:

    The TV I have is this one:

    I have a couple more questions if you wouldn't mind answering them as well...

    1) If I didn't use the TV for the monitor but instead wanted to just hook it up as an extra screen to watch youtube videos online, I wouldn't be able to do this right? Because I only have one DVI port on my old computer?

    2) How do I dispose of my old flat screen TV? It works fine except that the remote died and there is no remote that is configured to this very old TV. I called around to the Library, etc. to see if anyone would like this TV or if they knew anyone who may want it, but no one wants it, not even the GoodWill. Where do I take it? I don't think the dump allows us to drop them off there......

    3) Can you recommend an inexpensive DVD RECORDER which has a HDMI hookup? I'm still using my old, old DVD recorder but it is starting to die as well and will need to be replaced.

    Once again, thanks so much for your answers.
  4. A HDMI/DVI cable is a HDMI/DVI cable. 'Gold plated', 'super duper enhanced with fairy dust', etc - they're all gimmicks. You could buy one off ebay and still get away with it. Simply, yes - it would do the job.

    1) You could use it as a secondary display easily. All you'd need to do, is hop into your display settings and under the 'multiple displays' section; you'd want to set it to 'Extend these displays' or something like that anyway.

    2) In Australia - we just leave them in other people's hard rubbish piles. lol

    3) An inexpensive DVD player you mean? To begin with - you could probs use the computer's DVD drive (if it had one). Any cheap DVD player will do. DVD players are all cheap now with new fancy Tivos and things of that sort. Even the basic $25 models now have HDMI.
  5. Thanks for you answer..... I think I'm just going to change directions completely and hook up the HDTV to my netbook by VGA cables and stereo cables and see how that goes. At least I'll be able to watch videos that way...

    And someday I will buy a DVD *RECORDER* which has HDMI as well..... and thanks for the info on the display settings/multiple settings, that will help me understand better !
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