Windows 7 or 8 for my gaming pc

Hey I just bought the parts to my first gaming pc and i was wondering if i should get Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit or Windows 8 Customer Preview (or whatever the free trial is called) for my gaming pc

I want Windows 7 but id rather not spend $100+ but iv been hearing some bad reviews on windows 8 for gaming and for anything else

If anyone who has had Windows 8 or has tried it for gaming and can tell me if it's good or not i would really appreciate that (keep in mind that i have no clue how i could switch back to windows 7 from 8 so if you have had to do that please tell me, id rather spend $100 now then $100+ whatever else it takes to fix whatever mistake i could make)
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  1. You'll have to buy win8 when the trial is over. Keep that in mind.

    I'm going with the unpopular belief of it doesn't really matter much, assuming you don't have an AMD FX CPU. I'd probably grab a copy of 7 now just so you don't have to mess with two OS's later. Although I understand if you are broke after buying the parts and want to use win8 now.
  2. I'd go with 7, I ran 8 on my gaming laptop after about 3 hrs I was so fed up with it(the metro UI sucks on a keyboard and mouse based system), I nuked it and reinstalled 7.
  3. Thought you can upgrade to Windows 8 for like $20 if you buy Windows 7, so if that's the case, buy Windows 7, if you want to upgrade, it's only $20. Windows 8 is probably going to take a while to get good drivers, etc. I never like an OS on day 1, it usually takes some patches, updates, new software, drivers, etc to get it going.
  4. alright thanks, i was already leaning more to windows 7 since 8 has so many reviews saying it's bad for keyboard and mouse but i just wanted to make sure the reviews hadn't changed, since many of them were made a while back and something good could have happened between then
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    Windows 7 will get support until 2019, so it's going to be the next XP. It'll be around for a LONG time. Besides, all the underlying features of Windows 8 like DX11.1, new file system, etc., will come in the form of a Windows Update to Windows 7. It happened before. Microsoft issued a Platform Update to Vista to bring DX11 and other big features of Windows 7 to Vista. If you buy Win7 now, and really want Win8 when it comes out, the upgrade to Win8 Pro is $40.

    Also, TH did a test on the Developer Preview of Win with the FX 8150, and it did improve somewhat, but don't expect it to beat the i7 or i5.
  6. No, if you buy a prebuilt computer, the upgrade is $15.

    If you bought your computer before the $15 offer began, you'll have to pay $40 for the upgrade. I've also used Win8. It's blazing fast, but I don't like Metro very much.
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