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My build is about 3 months old including the monitor and I have encountered a problem where the signal will suddenly become lost shortly after starting a game (in rare occassions it happens at a time when the cpu is idle at desktop). When this happens the screen turns black and the "no signal" icon appears on the screen. I can still hear the game in the background although any control movements do not make new sounds so I imagine the game is unresponsive. When I lose signal trackir keeps the green light on to say it is working but loses the light which shows a recognised game is also running.

My PC:

Screen: Iiyama E2473HDS
MB: P8Z68- V_gen3
CPU: I5 2500k @ stock
RAM: 8GB corsair vengeance 1600mhz
GPU: MSI tf3 7950 3gb
OS: W7 64bt

Can anyone help me get to the bottom of this? It doesn't happen all the time, I played for an hour at midday and twice during the week for 90 minutes a time yet it happened 4 times in 5 minutes just now and many times last weekend. It is temperamental but still too big a problem to ignore.

My first thought is that it must be the video card yet last week after an hour of intermittent signal loss my card passed 30 minutes of MSI kombustor on max so it doesn't seem clear cut. CPU and GPU temperatures have been very cool around the times of signal loss too.

All help greatly welcomed.
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  1. I've had it happen before when the video cable was loose on the monitor end-forgot to tighten it, and after a few months of it getting bumped on my desktop, the cable had worked itself loose enough to lose signal occasionally, but not loose enough to fall out completely.
  2. The cable was tight on both ends, I even detached and reattached it a couple of times last week to be sure.
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