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I would like to build a cheap HTPC for my parents. It will mainly stream video from XBMC, Netflix, and some video from our NAS server.
There will be no gaming at all. The only thing I can think of coming close would be flash ads that pop up during browsing.

Every comparison of low end CPUs involve gaming, so which CPU would be fine if there is no gaming at all?

I was looking at something like this since it's cheap right now

Although it would probably be better to move up to socket FM2 processors and mobos.

The G860 is in the same price range, would that be any better for the tasks mentioned?

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  1. You don't need anything to crazy a Pentium G will be fine, even a Celeron would be ok.
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    One of the Quad core APU's from AMD would be a perfect choice for an HTPC as their on die graphics power is far ahead or any offerings from intel and at the price point your sitting with a quad as opposed to a dual which will help with running multiple media programs at the same time more seamlessly.
  3. I vote for an AMD APU as well.
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