[Build Log] Revised build--need advice

Hey all, thanks for the feedback on my last post about my new build, I think i found some good hardware ultimately which is cost-effective so let me know what you all think. i welcome any suggestions, opinions, and constructive criticism/questions. Also, on a side note, i just want to know if ill have any problems regarding parts fitting or if there is going to be some problems with heat/cooling as well.

In addition, should i go for a different branded z77 mobo? just unsure about asrock and their track record.








CPU Heatsink-http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835608024


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  1. Great build. Only thing I would say is you could save money and get 8gb of ram assuming it's a gaming build based on the other parts. You will never use even 8gb.
  2. for the most part the parts you picked out look great....one thing to think about is that you can get the cpu for like $40 cheaper or so if you can pick it up from microcenter (if you live close enough to one).....the motherboard is a great board...asrock is an up and coming manufacturer make great stuff for cheaper. here is another option for ssd


    it is cheaper and a little faster...and getting faster ocz is releasing new firmware all the time that increase its speed.

    other than that your cooler is crazy expensive...I would never put that much money down on an air cooler.


    here is a decent cooler for much less that I have used on that exact cpu and it gives great results plenty of room for a healthy oc
  3. thanks for the feedback, ive heard that about the RAM before and decided to just stick with 8gb (was just thinking bigger is better...). also, regarding the ssd switch, i'd originally planned on going with OCZ before switching to crucial and then samsung, but then id read about their controllers being faulty and failing after a short time of use; im sure they've probably fixed it for the most part, but im not sure, havent kept up on it.

    drums, what temps were you running on your cpu OC'd?
  4. to be honest I havent gotten around to overclocking it yet.....it was a build for a church so I just wanted to make sure it was all working before I started to tinker with it....but at stock settings on the cpu the cooler never let the cpu go above 44c or so under 100% load.
  5. ah okay, well i think ill swap out the noctua for the cooler master as you said. i looked up on ocn what the difference was between the two and i came up with nothing besides a few degrees difference. if i need to overclock a ton, then ill go for the noctua eventually, but ill take a $50 reduction in price any day :D thanks drums. should all the components fit together nicely?
  6. yep all of your components will fit together great.....not only is that noctua cooler expensive as hell its heavy and big as hell lol....to me not worth the hassle for a few degrees....good luck on your build its gonna be a great gaming pc if you have any issues putting it together post on this thread and I will keep an eye out for it
  7. awesome, thanks for the help :D cheers mate.
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