I'm a noob when it comes to the technical parts of computers and laptops, but I need help fast. I got an "o.k." budget laptop last year for Christmas and need help on if a processor is compatible with my motherboard. My laptop is a Compaq CQ57 it has a C-50 processor and the motherboard's model is beyond my knowledge. What I have in mind for an upgrade is an AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition.

Hope that's enough info

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    Absolutely not, different socket. Even if it did fit that Phenom would turn your lappy into a smoldering pile of plastic in about 30 seconds.
  2. That's bad.

    Would you know of any processor's that are compatible with my current motherboard?
    I hope thats not to much to ask.
  3. Just looked up your current processor....9 Watts!

    I can't think of any worthwhile CPU upgrade that won't draw more than twice that power. (And I'm not sure about your socket)

    It's unlikely the supporting motherboard, power supply and battery could handle a powerful CPU.

    Maybe some more RAM would help without spending a lot of money.

    If you want to spend some money on an upgrade, consider an SSD.
  4. you cannot replace a cpu in that laptop. it is soldered to your motherboard.
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