Suddenly Overheating Graphics Card?

I've had my system for about 6 years, and it worked fine for most of that time.

Since I played Dragon Age Origins on it there has been a problem with it.

Dragon age shut down several times after a few hours of play (presumably due to overheating somewhere as I've found this to be a common problem).
This was about two years ago. No further incidents to remark in the interim time. Other less demanding games played fine.

Recently it has refused to play many more games. It used to run Oblivion fine, now it can't run morrowind without purple and green mesh coming up and then freezing. It will play Battlefield(BF) 1942, but freezes on BF Vietnam. In both instances the screen locks up and the system is unresponsive requiring a manual restart.

I've tried to troubleshoot this, and found (using Speccy) the gpu runs at 72 C (The hard drive and motherboard temps are around 40 C ) with nothing more than chrome open, so my guess is that heating is a problem?

There were no hardware changes, my graphics card is Nvidia 6200SE Turbocache. It doesn't have a fan, it has a heatsink. The airflow is okay (at least as good as it was when there were no problems). I've cleaned the interior with compressed air.

There are occasions where the computer will restart and click (not from the speakers), which I believe means the hard drive is failing.
I ran the SDST from SeaTools which gave the drive a fail.

Could in game freezing be due to hard drive failure (there is not the same click as when it has shut down, but there is a repetitive sound more like the speakers spazzing duh duh duh duh)?

I guess I'm wondering if the high temperature on the graphics card could be responsible for in game freezing noresponsiveness? Sorry this is so long.
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  1. Your temps are fine (70°C is not high under load) so the drive failing can be the cause.
    If you know of a faulty component then it has to be replaced so troubleshooting can carry on.
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