Trying to build my first computer, and need help if parts are good

This is my first time trying to put one together, i had an asus cm1630-05 and not really sure what happened to it so decided to give building 1 a go.

corsair gs 600 psu (used)
AMD Athlon II X2 220 2.8 GHz (used)
4x2 1333 ddr3 (used)
asus m5a99x mobo (new)
CM HAF 912 ( 4 fan CM kit from (new)
evga gtx 560ti (barely used)

and want to buy the CM hyper 212 (or the V6) any suggestions

those are the parts i have, some new ,some from my old computer and will replace the cpu in a month or so with hopefully the phenom ii x4 965.
would this work? if not what should i replace before starting

as for putting one together i have no experience and what would be mostly recommended as help wise

to anyone who can help i really appreciate it :hello:
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  1. it is for gaming, and if im missing something please do let me know, im new to this
  2. Seems just fine as a midrange pc with the Pii X4 965. The CM H212 is perfect.

    The motherboard does support the latest FX series CPUs, so if the 965 is not available, any FX CPU will do.

    This is what I love about AMD, you can upgrade your CPU or motherboard and not worry about replacing the other.
  3. Budget?
  4. Yea for the time being, I want to see how it will turn out
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