New system wont start, only MOBO light is on

ok guys i'm still a newbie here and after purchasing all i need for my new system ,,it wont start only mobo light is on thats all..

Processor..i7-3770K 3.5GHz
RAM.......corsair vengeance 8GB (2x4GB)
GPU.......EVGA GTX660 signature 2
PSU........thermaltake black widow TR2 RX
case........cooler master haf 932 RED

Also while i was connecting everything i did not find a firewire port in that problem or no big deal

PLZ guys any help here will do ...should i just redo all the cables againg ??
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  1. try first this if it will display bios startup- just install the processor, 1 at a time memory, power supply, make sure the video card has the 6 pin also connected to power your video card
  2. no i mean literaly nothing is i case fans are not on !!! nothing
  3. make sure the power cables are all plugged in.
  4. it could also be the wires you plugged into the power button could be done incorrectly. there should be a schematic on the mobo itself or in the manual that tells you how to set it up
  5. ok the back of PSU has PCI-E connectors and MOLEX\SATA\FDD connectrs..which one am i suppose to use ?
  6. find the long bar. plug that into your motherboard in the corresponding spot. find the 4 pin for cpu. do the same. that should get it to boot. if you have a graphics card, plug in the 6 pins accordingly.
  7. ok ok it finally was my +&- pwr connectors switched to the mobo...
  8. Good job!!!
  9. ok sorry guys but i dunno what the hell happened now... the other day when i said it started it actually did !!!! so i turned it off so i can start managing the cables!!! and after that it doesnt wanna start again !!! and mobo light is still on !!! i think the front panels cables of the case have like gone bad or something .... i dunno what to ..and i dont want to give my case to some personal repair computer stores for this cuz i still think its something that i can do just dont know it !!!!
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