My Asus 7850 doesn't seem much better than my GTX 550ti

I ordered myself a new Asus 7850 from scan to replace my old GTX 550ti.

I put the card in my PC and installed driver from the AMD website, which i read later was a mistake and uninstalled it and installed the driver from the CD.

I read my old drivers for my old card could conflict and removed all the drivers (to my knowledge)

I tried a number of games, Assassins creed revelations being the worst, on the lowest possible setting i have high FPS but the game keeps freezing up.

Assassins creed brotherhood on max settings at 1920 x 1200 gives me 30 FPS and below which i feel is a little low as the only thing i changed from my old card was the multisampling. But there are no lag spikes.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Gives me 30 FPS and below as well on max settings with 1920 X 1200.

Alice: Madness returns gives me 30 FPS and below on high settings and i can actually see the triangles everything is made out of.

SW:TOR has 60fps at max settings but also seems to freeze slightly.

When I press check for updates on asus CCC it tells me its on the latest set of drivers.

I've fiddled around with Asus GPU tweak in desperation and nothing changes on the max settings of that.

My system spec is:

Crosshair V Formula (I updated to the latest version of the BIOS to try and get the card working)
AMD FX series 6200 3.8Ghz 6 core processor
Corsair Vengeance 16GB 1600 Mhz RAM
120gb SSD for windows 7 and a couple of games.
WD Caviar Blue 500 GB - Hard drive as a game drive, (only SATA 1 I know but it never held me back with my old card)
Corsair CX600 builder series PSU.

This is the first PC I've ever built and if i'm honest I just plugged everything in and hoped for the best. It all works and never crashes so I think I did everything right.
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  1. people on the forums will recommended you use drive sweeper to remove booth nvidia and ati drivers. the drivers on ati web page are always newer then the ones on the drivers cd. also check to see that your running the newest mb chipset drivers. i would also go over to the asus rog forum and see if there any mb tweekes to see if your cpu is bottlenecking the video card.
  2. I used driver sweeper on your recommendation and removed both ATI and nvidia chipset drivers, then downloaded the latest drivers on ATIs website. The triangles on alice madness returns are gone but the low FPS is still there, I am also still having the issues on assassins creed revelations but i havent looked further than that. I will post on ROGs website and see what they say but i doubt my CPU is bottlenecked as its one of AMDs latest.
  3. Try underclocking your CPU a little bit. If there's a major FPS hit, then the CPU is bottlenecking your GPU.
  4. Assassins creed brotherhood on max settings at 1920 x 1200 gives you only 30 fps ?? Something terribly wrong with your system even my old Radeon HD 5770 on a Core i5 750 CPU gives me around 50fps at that settings.You may reinstall you OS and install the latest GPU and sound drivers. There is no comparison between a GTX550Ti and Radeon HD 7850 its a night and day difference.
  5. I've done a complete reinstall of windows and i'm still getting the same issues. Could it be the card is broken in some way?
  6. It makes me think the FX-6200 is bottlenecking your 7850.

    As you can see the 7850 is nearly twice as fast as a 550ti.

    So there's definitely some issue. FX is horrible for games, but I don't see how it could possibly bottleneck a single mid range video card, no.
  8. FX is not horrible you have good CPU.. most games run fine on almost any modern cpu... duh

    7850 is a poor msns cards.. same as the 550ti.. so what I am saying is you should wait before upgrading atleast a couple of Generations to make it worth while.. otherwise the preformance differance is to small to justify forking out cash for some thing almost the same in preformance or something only 10-20% better.

    I would never get a 550ti and next year buy a 650ti thats just daft
  9. And there is no ways a FX6100 will bottle neck a 7850 never ever ever ever
  10. the 7850 is four tiers above the 550ti on the hierarchy chart, so that is not a useless upgrade.
    Even hwcompare is showing significant differences in specifications.
  11. Toms hierarchy chart counts for nothing I dont care for its content or desire to care about it..

    How much did he pay for his 550ti? now he must spend again on a mediocre card once again....
    So this poor guy must buy a mediocre card ever 2 years?
  12. Anyway, what the OP thinks is fast is important.
    for some people the 780 is slow as they don't have the 780ti.
    For others, the 630 is fast.
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