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Hey guys im just a little worried about my computer and airflow etc etc here is my build it is the one with best answer although i have this case

is there a free program that i can run overnight like prime95 to make sure its all good? btw havent overclocked.
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  1. ok looks like im just gonna do a blend prime95 test and leave my computer on tonight... if this is a bad thing and i shouldn't do this respond quick please. BTW i have never used prime95 or anything like this before
  2. It'll get within a couple of degrees of peak temp in a few minutes if you are worried about temps, but overnight doesn't hurt unless temps are too high.
  3. My temps as of running are 79 c range should I keep it on or will it be to much stress?
  4. I ran prime95 all night and when I woke up all of my things were still testing exet the bot one (blend test) does this mean my syste is stable? Btw haven't over clocked
  5. no one?????
  6. If it didn't shut down, it means it passed, but that doesn't mean the temps are good. What temps did it say when you woke up?
  7. it was around high 70's i think is this bad? good? decent? btw i am running on stock...
  8. High 70s is a tad high, but still reasonable.

    Wait, did I hear it right? That's the temp without OCing? If so, that is pretty high. Try reseating the heatsink and reapplying paste.
  9. i have the stock heatsink and and broke so no new paste right now, the only thing i do with my computer is play bf3 and have crome tabs open and play music and i average 65 c with all this stuff using realtemp so will it shut down in a year or will this run for like 4 years? even with 70 c the max temp i get it too will i be fine? i only game about 3-4 hours a day maybe if that
  10. Just stay below 70C in normal usage and it'll run more than 4 years but hsf are cheap. The 212+ is currently $20 and will lower temps ~15C. You could also just undervolt to try to lower temps some til you get a better hsf.
  11. How much of decrease in performance will an undervolt give me?
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