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So I'd like to preface this by saying I know very little about computers and have never had any experience building one myself as I recently purchased my new computer from CyberPower, therefore I'm not very knowledgeable about fixing physical problems with the PC, but I'm willing to try. Basically I'm just having two small issues right now, the first being that the fan on the side of my computer is never running, this could just be that it is temperature controlled and I have never reached the temperature at which it turns on but I do not know for sure. The second problem is that I am occasionally getting a buzzing noise in my PC that isn't too annoying but I'm worried it could be an issue. The sound only occurs after the computer has been on for a while, but if I restart it, the sound will not come back. I appreciate any help :).
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  1. Hi, the fan thats not running might not be connected at all. As for the buzzing noise, a loose screw, cable something touching another fan... I you have time, you should try to get familiar with all the componets and the connections of a PC, you can find any info you want on the internet. In time when you will have more serious problems you'll be satisfied to know that it's quite easy to change things (faulty components etc) and repair it by yourself.
  2. Yea I'm planning on doing that over the break as I agree it will be very helpful in the future. Do you have any recommendations for how I should go about learning? I was planning on just watching some videos on how to put together a computer.
  3. Ok thats a good start, and article-wise, I dont think there's anywhere better than toms ;-)
  4. I'm starting to realize that :). As far as the buzzing goes do you think its good to leave it for a bit or should I and take care of it quickly.
  5. pick up a pc repair for dummies book. with the pc off..unplug it from the wall for your safety..don't want to short anything out. make sure there no be clumps of dust inside the pc. if the pc free of dust..lightly try and spin the cpu and other fans in the case.
    if it a fan buzz then the fan that going wont spin freely.
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