How screwed is my cpu?

So I just got a new liquid cooler (yay). I had was going to clean off my old cooler and in the process knocked of my 965 be on the ground, and it landed on the pins of course. The pins were bent back in place, but there is a dent in the silicon on the corner. So is my cpu sscrewed?
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    You will not know until you try.
  2. i have a phenom x2 550be i broke off one of the corner pins on the arrow corner whilst installing and have had a problem with it, so just pop it in and pray :)
  4. Well my PC crashed a few times, so it's not looking good.
  5. I have droped a cpu on the floor and bent all the pins and bent them back and it still worked. All you can do is try it, you might get lucky. Otherwise its a good opportunity to buy a fx4300 or 6300 and see if you can get it to 5ghz. Wouldnt bother with the 8350, uses too much power and heat for minimal gains in gaming.
  6. It's freezing whenever I get on for the first time. Once I do a start up repair, it restarts fine. Then it often times will crash again.
  7. Ok, so my cpu is done, I have figured out. For my replacement cpu I think I will get an 8320. Any objections?
  8. No FX8320 is a good CPU.
  9. Good choice. I wouldn't get anything below the 6300 for an AMD cpu.
  10. the 6300 would be better value for gaming, uses less power and OC's better. it will probably be on par with the 965, being faster in well threaded games, and slower in games that dont use lots of cores. Just make sure your motherboard supports the cpu you plan to buy. just dont expect a major performance increase in games from your 965.
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