I built some pc's for my wifes office and one of them started running slow, and all so had XP errors so I wipe the drive clean all zero's and put fresh copy of XP back on. But before destroying data she has been backing up daily to WD external drive so on the last day she backup and looked at the WD drive and all was there. So I did my thing and cleaned and put fresh copy of XP and load software and drivers. Now we went to get files on WD and they weren't there, so I though it might be the WD drive . So now we get another WD drive that we had and tested it on other machine and all is well. So I put that one on machine that was just redone and started backing up to the good WD went to view backups and there not there. So my question is what could be problem, CPU,MOTHERBOARD, RAM?? BOB
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  1. Hate to say it, but are you sure your wife didn't screw something up? One person says the data is backedup, a different person builds the machine and can't restore it...
  2. Yes she does it all the time. It was there when she looked at that drive.
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