Improper CPU internal CPU frequency setting.

My computer with an Asus TUSI-M motherboard boots up and then shuts down and continues to reboot. When I enter the Bois setup screen a error message is displayed stating that "during the last boot up your system hung for an improper CPU Internal Frequency setting. Any suggestions to correct my problem? This problem failed during normal operation. Help!
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  1. Reset the cmos and check if your cpu is supported by the bios version you have.
  2. I replaced the Cmos battery approx. 3 weeks ago and after that time problems with CPU frequencies started to create problems during boot up. I was able to get around the problem by manually correcting the CPU Frequency setting on the Bios screen. I have goggled this problem and have found many different suggestions. To date I have not one anything as most suggestions I have received after using Google come with warnings that will make my computer completely useless. I entertained thought of rebooting Windows XP Home but realized that would not correct Bios problems. Tell me more about resetting cmos. Thanks.
  3. I did a little research on your mobo and there is something that might explain it. Your mobo has two different modes, the jumper-free mode and the jumper-mode. Details in the manual under section 3:
    I suggest checking the jumper setting like described on page 17 and 18. Maybe the "jumper-free jumper" is not set right after changing the battery.
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