How do you think my fans should be put on

I am new to building computers and i don't really know what a good fan configuration would be. I have nzxt 410 phantom.

fan config. :
Front: 2x120mm
side: 140mm
top: 2x140mm
rear: 120mm radiator with one 120mm fan

right now front and side are intake and rear and top exhuast. I'm asking this because they say pull air through the radiator so should i have top exhaust and rest intake? but also hot air rises and my gpu exhausts out the back so wouldn't that air be taken in? Also i was curious what is a push pull configuration i here about it all the time. I know it involves 2 fans on oppisites sides of a radiator.

Thanks for the help! :D
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    the front and the side fans should be intake and the rear radiator fan and top fans should all be exhaust...this will compliment the natural tendency of heat to rise to the top of the case.
  2. ok just thought i would ask
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  4. no problem man better to ask then to get it wrong haha
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