Cpu 4 gaming

frndz.. i like 2 upgrade ma CPU...4 GAMING
currently i hav intel dual core E5200 2.5ghz
3GB DDR2 intel motherboard
XFX geforce 9500GT 1GB GPU
450w PSU
1TB hard disc
1366x768 monitor

first i would like 2 upgrade CPU....and later the GPU..!
i want a budget CPU... i cant go for i5 CPU....i can go upto i3...!!!! i dnt no which z good AMD or intel!!!!!!!

which is the best gaming CPU ...dual core, core 2 duo,i3 2nd gen...????? choose me one..plzz and motherboard..!!!!!!!?? :ange:
am playing games like GTA IV,BF3,COD MW,GTA V..etc....
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  1. Fill this out and you'll make it much easier for us to help you.

    Or if you

    Budget Range (how much can you afford to spend):
    Preferred Website(s) for Parts(where can you buy the parts from):
    Overclocking (Yes / No / Maybe ) :
  2. In order to upgrade a CPU, you need to upgrade the motherboard and RAM with it.
    How much available do you have to spend on an i3/FX system?

    Regardless, you should be aiming i5 for Intel - despite your budget. If you go i3, the CPU will bottleneck (limit) higher end graphics cards limiting your graphics options in the future.

    If you insist on low-end CPUs however, go for the Intel range. Grab an i3 3240 at the least. Even that however, will still bottleneck (only slightly?) higher end cards.

    The 450w PSU, what brand and model is it?
  3. budget 6000 - 7000 INR for processor...!
    any website..
    overclocking - may be...
  4. hey..which z the best i3 gaming processor...n its rate too..???
    i think
    i3+ 9500GT z good..!! r8?.. anyway later i wil upgrade ma GPU too...
    PSU-zebronics (but am buying new PSU..)
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    Like I asked, is the 7000 INR is all you have to spend? Or is it just for the CPU?
    I'm asking this because you won't be able to re-use your current motherboard. You'll have to buy a new motherboard - with new memory due to the fact that it's a different socket type (different pin layout).

    If 7000 INR is all you have to spend on everything (motherboard, ram, cpu), you're not going to get something that can handle decent framerates. The simple solution here is - save up more. You're not going to get anything that'll be a noticeable difference in terms of performance.

    If 7000 INR is what you have to spend on your CPU only - you can grab a i3 2130 which should run things at a fairly decent level. Based on your budget for your CPU - I assume you aren't going to grab anything like a GTX680 so bottlenecking shouldn't be an issue. This is the way to go - benchmarks show that the i3 2130 is a highly capable cpu for mid-range graphics cards (e.g. 6870, 6850, 6770, etc).
  6. Look.Your graphics card is not suitable for gaming.
    At all.
    You don't think upgrading your CPU will increase your FPS right?

    This is by far the best CPU in your price range.

    This is the cheapest high quality motherboard you can pair it up with

    For RAM buy two of those
  7. I just saw that you wrote your PSU is Zebronics. CHANGE IT ASAP. Unless you want to see your new parts turn into fireworks - change it. Zebronics PSU's are 'Tier 5' PSUs. These are known to cause problems, catch fire, etc. Long story short - they're bad.

    Buy a Corsair or a Seasonic or something like that. Alternatively, have a pick out of this list:

    A PSU is something you should never go cheap on. A bad PSU can take down an entire rig with it. I had a Q9950 (friggin expensive at the time) rig once upon a time - I needed a cheap PSU to test the RAM, only for a short while. I bought a chinese $10 (1145 inr) PSU to test it and on first boot - the thing killed itself along with the entire system. One of the saddest moments of my life (i'm pretty sad, i know lol)

    Again, "a PSU is something you should never go cheap on."
  8. i mean 7000INR for processor only...... i knw tht wnt 2 buy new ddr3 motherboard...but plz suggest me a motherboard tooo (low budget)..

    hey wht abt i3-3220 ivy ????????
  9. thankyou very much for this news...!! anyway am going 4 corsair.... :p
  10. you can bye a cosair vengence 4gb 1600mhz for 1400
  11. guys plz suggest me an i3 processor...@ 7000 INR...
    and wht about ivy bridge i3...plz suggest me a gaming core.. :P
  12. lijith321 said:
    guys plz suggest me an i3 processor...@ 7000 INR...
    and wht about ivy bridge i3...plz suggest me a gaming core.. :P

    i3-2130. Will get the job done at 7000 INR.
  13. professorturtle said:
    i3-2130. Will get the job done at 7000 INR.

    u mean i3 2nd is better???? wht abt ivy?????
  14. The i3 3225 is a good i3 Ivy. In fact - it's 6% faster, it just runs hotter. These retail for around 7332 INR.
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