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Need good cooler fan!

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December 22, 2012 6:39:30 AM


I am looking to buy a CoolerMaster HAF 922 Soon, but I need some temporary suggestions for a good cooler fan.

I have a "iBall Cabinet - i7272" case and its specifications are in the link below :

I'm a noob here and I'm not sure which of 120mm/140mm/200mm might suit in the case.

So, I need a GOOD high speed cooler fan which suits BOTH the Coolermaster HAF 922 and the iball case mentioned. High speed fans preferred, and of coolermaster ones or ones that can be bought from ebay/flipkart since I'm from India

Thank you!

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December 22, 2012 7:27:33 AM

i assume your after case fans... unfortunately it doesn't say on the "iball" spec sheet what it can take, but my personal favorite in the coolermaster range @ 120mm would be the blademaster fans. very quiet @ low speed, shift large amounts of air @ high speed. good for cases & heatsinks.

no idea how much they retail for in india, but very reasonable over here in the uk @ ~£7 each

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December 22, 2012 7:28:27 AM

Do you mean a CPU cooler or a case fan?

If a case fan:
You're looking for a 120mm fan, they both share the same sized fan.
Some decent fans are:
-Noctua NF-F12
-Noctua NF-P12
-Antec 'TriCool/TwoCool' line of fans

I'd honestly go with anything Noctua - all their cooling products are top notch. As in 'BMW German' top notch.

If a CPU cooler/fan:
The 'CM Hyper 212 Evo' does an EXTREMELY good job for the pricing point of $20. That - or a Noctua NH-D14.
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December 22, 2012 7:36:08 AM

+1 with the noctuas. they're a fair bit more than the coolermasters, but may be worth it to you for the quiet performance & long warranty. The blademasters served me well in a couple builds beforehand but since i've switched i appreciate having both top notch cooling & silence - superb for listening to music while i'm computing.
December 22, 2012 7:39:52 AM

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look onto it. I'm basically looking for CASE FANS with OPTIMUM cooling, price is not the concern. It just needs to fit the 2 cases I mentioned and possibly mention of any famous ones that are available in USA/UK too since I may try in online retailers(ebay..). All the famous ones are available to India from Also, noise is not of a big concern too, unless its really TOO much
December 22, 2012 3:36:17 PM

Also, I'm looking on buying 2 fans, so 1 Noctua NF-F12 + 1 -Noctua NF-P12 would be a good choice?
December 23, 2012 11:02:54 AM

chandra sekhar said:
Also, I'm looking on buying 2 fans, so 1 Noctua NF-F12 + 1 -Noctua NF-P12 would be a good choice?

Would be an excellent choice. The whole Noctua cooling products line is good - you really can't fault it. Like they say - you get what you pay for.
December 25, 2012 8:00:56 AM

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