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I'm having a tough time selecting this 3 chassis, CM Storm Stryker, CM HAf XM and the Silverstone Raven RV03. I'm not much into water cooling so I'll be depending on air cooling. Also anyone can suggest that is the PSU 650W will be enough? I wont do much overclocking in my cpu and GPu. I'll be adding more fans only. cpu is i5 3570k and for the GPu I'm having a tough time as well, im selecting EVGA 670FTW, ASUS gtx 670 CUII and ASUS gtx 670 CUII TOP, and what's the difference with the gtx 670 of asus between TOp and non TOP edition? Maybe I'll select the GPU that is power efficient and has good cooling.
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    first u dint list what 650 watt powersupply is, also all the above are good cases, tho premium and can get good cases for far less and all the above are different stock versions of the gtx 670 but overclocked at different levels, id just say get the one thats cheaper out of the 3.
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