Is this build compatible and or adequete to run games like WoW and LoL

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  1. its cutting way too many corners. if its a budget computer to bare minimum, look into using AMD llano chips, as the integrated graphics in the chips should heavy destroy the onboard graphics on the motherboard.
  2. Something's wrong when the refurbished HDD is more expensive than the CPU, and the Diablotek PSU is $20. On an early AsRock mobo (back then they were horrible) no less.

    On this budget (~$250 from what I can see), you just cant build a decent PC. I wouldn't trust this thing as a HTPC.

    Most advice I can offer is throw some more cash at it, or look for pre-built options. Just at this budget, there is nothing you can really do.
  3. if there are a.y other options that would work better at close to the same price can you suggest them.
  4. Usually when someone asks for a gaming PC at this budget, I say get a PS3.
    But the games you want aren't supported, and I doubt you could find a pre-built that would do it without compromising something quite vital.
    I think your stuck.
  5. Just saw this deal at Newegg, it should suit your budget nicely.
    Some pre-built PC. $240

    Its pretty similar to your build but a lot more fleshed out. While PSU isnt the greatest, at least its from a dodgy brand instead on an outright dangerous one :lol: .
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