GTX 560 with Asus P5G41-M LX

Hi all,

Currently I have a Asus P5G41-M LX motherboard;

and I'm planning to buy a Asus GTX 560 Direct CUII graphics card; :D

I want to know whether this graphics card will work in this motherboard. I already have a Sapphire Radeon HD 5450 which works fine with the motherboard. With the intention of adding a new graphic card I upgraded my PSU with a Cool Master eXtreme Power Plus 600W;

Can this power supply handle my system with this new graphics card. (I have a Core 2 Duo processor with 1 x 7200RPM HDD, 1 x DVD/DVD RW and 2 x DDR3 rams).

Of course I'm planning to upgrade the motherboard and the processor to an Intel i7 system but before that I want to buy the graphics card and run in my current system. Please help me ........... :)
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    Motherboard no problem, the PSU is not the best but should be able to handle it. (CM budget PSU, known to be overrated) If any issues I would say PSU causing them here is a review that calls it 450watt unit
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