I have a ATI Radeon HD 5450, and yup, its the crap's.

I have a ATI Radeon HD 5450, and yup, its the crap's.

I need an upgrade, and i don't know what best provides my needs, i have an ASUS 1045 and every video card seems to have "sell this more expensive" functions that i have no need for, such as multiple monitors.

What i need is the best 100-150 dollar range video card, my monitor has 1600 x 900 resolution, vga PCI Express 2.0.

I tend to play a lot of high-demand games, so i can not bother with one that will be obsolete next month.

So, what i need is a graphics card with similar power supply demands (im not looking to buy a new power supply), that provides a large improvement - not looking on the low end.

I do not want to pay any amount of money for a "small improvement" and i do not want to "pay for features i do not need", such as multiple monitors, broadcast to a TV, and all that other fluff.

I have read some thing about the "Asus HD7750-1GD5 Radeon HD 7750 Graphic Card - 820 MHz Core - 1 GB GDDR5 SDRAM - PCI-Express 3.0 x16"

However, it seems like part of the price is the ability to hook up 6 monitors (yeah, for what, 6 player oregon trail?)

So, what will give me the BEST bang on video quality with the least power source requirements - considering i ONLY NEED one monitor to work on it, at my screen resolution? (i hate windowed mode games that can't run unless it is the size of a tiny box on my screen).

I am just bewildered and confused by everything, and i sense these companies feel entitled to every penny in my wallet (they aren't) and are selling sub-par products with un-needed features to "justify" a markup (6 monitors? really?) and i want to avoid the con man and get the product i need.
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  1. Sorry mate, AMD and NVidia shaft us by having all these features we never use in their cards so they can charge more money for less performance.

    I'd say the AMD 6850. I don't know American prices or w/e, but you can get a few of 'em over here in the UK for £90.

    I've got a 6670 DDR3 Meself, it cost me £60 and it doesn't even play Fallout 3 at max settings above 30 fps. With Skyrim, it doesn't even get passed 35 fps at Medium settings.

    Go wit' da 6850.
  2. 2nd for the 6850, you can get it for $115 USD on sale occasionally
  3. Model and specs of your Psu?
  4. 125v power source and monitor.
  5. and my model wont even display on google, but it is "Model GPS-400 BA, Rev: 04F
  6. The PSU is made by Delta. Not a good brand.
  7. Is it an all in one PC? If it is you need a low profile card.
  8. it was a factory computer from best buy, the PSU was already in it - ASUS 1045T, Phenom 2 X6 core processor, i don't think my DX diag would help any here, win7.

    When i got a monitor i got one that had a 125v because i was afraid of things "not being aligned" but im no electrician... Im afraid if i mess with installing a new PSU i would frag my system or something bad...
  9. So, whats the best way to find out what PSU / Video card combo my comp can handle, my fear is getting too powerful a PSU and fragging my comp or getting a too strong video card and fragging my power source...
  10. amd.com, search for the GPU, it will tell you the min PSU requirements.
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