High-End Production Studio Hackintosh Build Help - $2000+

Hi Guys, :hello:

If this thread is in the wrong section, please advise as I just joined. Need some opinions/knowledge here. I understand there are a few threads on Music Desktops, but as someone mentioned, technology changes pretty fast and this case is a little unique ;)

I've been saving for a while, and i'm setting up a fairly high-end home music (and soon digital design/animation too) production studio in India. Got everything ready, and i've been waiting and waiting for the "new" iMacs, but honestly i'm tired of waiting, and after much research, a hackintosh (upgradeability) just sounds a hell of a lot better. I'm also a longtime gamer.

Keeping that in mind, I need a very powerful yet extremely quiet build. Pricing is not a huge concern as long as those two criteria are optimised. Tracking (miking, instruments etc) will be done in an adjacent room, however, i would like to minimise noise as much as possible for mixing and mastering. After researching for the last few weeks, checking out components, prices (building this in India btw, so not everything is as easily/cheaply available) and i've come up with the following build (subject to change based on responses):

MB: GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UP5 TH (Doesn't seem to be available in India yet, but since my build is a couple of months away, im sure ill find it by then)

Case: Reaaaally undecided here, narrowed it down to:
1. Fractal Designs R4 (MAY get it for about US$150~)
2. SilverStone Fortress FT02 (difficult to find, but about $240+),
3. Antec P280 (easily available, about US$ 140, only thing that concern's me about this one is the small 120mm fans, I hear slower rpm 140mm fans are more silent?)
Open to other suggestions
Please keep in mind here, I want to silence this box as much as possible (despite having a discrete nvidia card in there)

Processor: Intel Core i5 3570K (May decide to oc in the future if need be, any recommendations whether an i7 would be more useful for my purposes? Not going to be using the onboard GFX so essentially the only other advantage is hyper-threading, not sure whether that'll be useful/apply to my needs?)

CPU Cooler: Zalman 120mm Ultra Quiet CPU Cooler CNPS10X (For added silence and for future OC'ing) - not sure about this one

GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX670 2GB DDR5 (Read a lot about how the GTX680 and 670 were much more efficient and silent, and the ASUS model of the 670 is apparently the quietest of them all, barring perhaps the Asus GTX680? but $150 on top is not worth it for the 680)

PSU: Seasonic 660W Modular Power Supply SS-660KM (Need a high quality PSU, and this one is supposed to be ultra silent to boot)

Storage: 2 x 256GB OCZ Vertex4 (SATA III) SSDs (One for OS X boot, one for Windows) - May change brands according to price

RAM: 4x8gb (32gb) Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600Mhz

Case Fans: Noctua 120mm or 140mm fans (depends on the case i suppose)

This may be overkill in parts, but some of the music i make on logic absolutely destroys my current macbook pro (2009 17"). Not to mention I am trying to phase this in as my primary source of income, and I have savings right now from a steady job that I may not have in the future, so full force with this !!

Would be awesome if you guys could throw in some silencing tips, i've checked out a bunch of threads, articles and reviews, but opinions are always welcome.

Oh, will be powering one 27" Catleap Monitor at 2560 x 1440, need a lot of screen real estate for all the virtual instruments/devices.

Thanks in advance!
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