ASUS GTX 560 CU II TOP- Is it worth it?

Sup everyone :D My GTX 560 was Dead on Arrival, and now I am looking of another good Graphics card.
Proper name:ENGTX560 DCII TOP/2DI/1GD5 Note, this is not a GTX 560 TI. Its a highly factory overclocked version of the 560.
I saw the ASUS GTX 560 CU II Top and it seemed really good, I found a place were i could buy it for $250.00AUD (In Australia btw). Is this card really worth it's money? Because I also considered getting the GTX 560 ti. But the 560 CU II top comes pretty close against the GTX 560 Ti in terms of specs:

GTX 560 TI
CUDA Cores 384
Graphics Clock (MHz) 822
Processor Clock (MHz) 1645
Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec) 52.5
Memory clock: 4008mhz

ASUS GTX 560 DCII TOP etc etc.
Video Memory GDDR5 1GB
Engine Clock 925 MHz
CUDA Core 336
Shader Clock 1850 MHz
Memory clock 4200 mhz (1050mhz GDDR5)

In many ways, the ASUS actually surpasses the Ti. So my question, is it worth the 250? Or am i better off getting a TI?
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  1. Yes. The 560 Ti is a good bit better card than the standard run of the mill GTX560.

    Here is a comparison on AnandTech's bench. Its not a super huge difference but its a difference nonetheless. Im a big believer that you should buy as much GPU horsepower as you can afford so if you can swing the price difference between the Ti and the standard 560, you should.
  2. The card in question has the performance of a std 560Ti
    Without knowing the prices on comparable cards you will have to figure out what is worth what. HD7850 and HD6950 are comparable AMD candidates and should be taken into consideration if the price is right.
  3. Nvidia's gtx 560 ti is also 250.00. Whats better for money?
  4. I would get the Ti for the same performance and not all the overclocking potential been used.
  5. Make sure you get the GTX 560 Ti 448 Core Edition.
  6. At any price point, you will get fair value for your dollar with graphics cards. It is a very competitive market, except perhaps for the very top cards.
    There may be differences for one game or the other, but at the same price. you will get similar performance.
    Perhaps the differences are detectable with synthetic benchmarks, but nor really in actual gameplay.

    Shop well, and buy the best card you are comfortable paying for.
  7. I don't really plan to overclock at all, that is why i am leaning towards the ASUS.
  8. safewaypower1 said:
    I don't really plan to overclock at all, that is why i am leaning towards the ASUS.

    It has the same performance as a std clocked Ti which makes it a good purchase.
  9. For $265 you can get a HD7850 which is equal to a Gtx 570 and overclocks pretty well...
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