Sapphire HD 6870 and Corsair 650TXV2

A couple of weeks ago I asked here for advice regarding an upgrade from my underachieving 1GB GT240. It appears that my PSU is not capable of supplying for a decent card so I'm upgrading that too. After some research and thought I've almost made a decision, but I wanna be sure it's a good choice.

I'm looking at a Sapphire HD 6870

and a Corsair 650TXV2 PSU

Should I just go ahead with these two? I'd wish to get a dramatic performance improvement from the GT240, and I also wanna make sure that the PSU will do its job.
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  1. It will be a dramatic performance increase, should be perfect. Both should run great together.
  2. Very nice! I also have a sapphire 6870 and and (at 1280x1024) it handles everything i can chuck at it
  3. Great psu,i'm using it right now with my 6850!
  4. Well, it sounds like I'm gonna be ok...

    Thanks a lot.
  5. enjoy dude, stock up on some decent titles and watch your FPS fly!
  6. Just now realizing, we probably should have asked what kind of processor you have. either way the card should be fine.
  7. Oh, right, sorry. I have an AMD Phenom II X6 1090T at 3.2.
  8. That setup will be fine!
  9. Yea then you will be fine.
  10. Hello.. just wondering, How about having two HD6870 crossfire? can the PSU still handle it? I currently have Corsair tx650 and I'm planning to buy that card too. or do i have to upgrade my PSU?

    Thanks in advance for you comment. :D
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